This international workshop will provide a platform for institutions with material samples collections to share experiences and discuss the challenges they face regarding the preservation, access and use of these collections.

In particular the workshop will seek to:

Call for partners

ICCROM is launching a call for partners to leading institutions in the heritage field to help build and shape this event. Institutions wishing to join this initiative are invited to contact ICCROM by 20 October 2020 at Maria Mata Caravaca: Manager, Records and Archives. Email:

Laying the groundwork

To enable evidence-based discussions at the workshop and drive towards concrete solutions, it is proposed to establish a number of working groups among the partners of the organising consortium, to assess the current situation and elaborate the topics and tools to be discussed in the workshop.


University of √Čvora, Portugal

Date and Duration

13 September to 15 September. Three-day workshop comprising keynotes, plenary sessions and working group discussions.


A gathering of circa 40 persons is envisaged.


Potential sponsors of the event will be identified. However, to secure an ensured minimum level of funding, a moderate budget contribution per partner should be foreseen.